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Download our introductory investment guide: The Case For Private Investments.

Minimize market volatility

Achieve reliable, sustainable growth

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Completely dependent on the stock market for growth?

If you’re finding that your portfolio performance follows the stock market up and down, chances are you might be missing out. 
There is a type of investment that helps the biggest investors diversify. We're talking about high net-worth investors: endowments like Harvard and Yale, and even the Canadian Pension Plan. 

You can get access too.

  • Invest like the biggest endowments in North America
  • Protect your money against market drops
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • ​Get more consistent returns, even during economic downturns
  • ​Keep your money safe and performing
Download our introductory investment guide and learn about the types of investments only a small percentage of Canadians know about.

Learn the secrets of Private Investments

  • Why the public stock market can be so risky...and what you can do about it
  • What private investments are...and what they’re not
  • Who utilizes private investments...and how you can, too
  • Private investment’s weakness...and how you can turn it into a strength
  • ​Who can help you navigate private investments...and who can’t

“Thank you to your team for making my retirement goals become reality, and during a pandemic at that!” 
Greg Forrest

What are Private Investments?

They are different.

    Unique strategies not available in the public stock market.
    High net-worth and accredited investors. Not designed for the average investor.
    Your portfolio manager will allow you to truly customize your private investments to fit your needs, as you age and as your portfolio grows.
Follow the example of some of the biggest players in the world: Harvard, Yale, and the Canadian Pension Plan, and discover what private investments can do for you.

Meet the Authors

Cody Novak, MBA, CIM, Portfolio Manager
Connor Novak, CIM Portfolio Manager
Cody and Connor believe you deserve the peace of mind that comes from understanding the how and the why behind your investment strategy. 

After graduating from university in Australia at the top of his class, Cody joined the Novak Private Wealth Counsel in 2011. Connor graduated in financial planning from Fanshawe College, and joined the team in 2015. Both are Chartered Investment Managers by the Canadian Services Institute.

Cody, Connor, and the entire team at Novak Private Wealth Counsel have extensive experience in researching and building investment portfolios with both public and private investments. They can help high-net-worth investors like you build a well rounded investment portfolio of private and public investments, or a private investment portfolio that can complement your already existing portfolio so you can feel confident about your future.

"I have been dealing with the Novak team for over 25 years. Their stability, integrity, and ongoing commitment to education and growth is what I feel is needed in a financial planner." 
Paula Turkiewicz 
Former President of the Dorsey Group

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Download our introductory investment guide: The Case For Private Investments
 and learn how diversifying your portfolio the right way can give you the results you’ve been looking for.

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